Nicholas Moudouros

Nicholas Moudouros is the Head of Training and Development Department as well as the Head of the Robotics Unit. He is an ICT specialist and an educationalist with advanced studies (MSc) in Computer Science and Data Communication Systems in the UK. He has joined the ‘Emphasys Centre’ team more than 10 years ago when he started his journey into the world of teaching. He has been fascinated by the impact that a ‘teacher’ can have on the lives of his students and since then he makes every effort to motivate them and trigger their interest into the field of STEM and Robotics. Nicholas has been involved in the design, implementation and assessment of various professional development courses, as well as tools / applications and has gained great experience working with learners of various ages and abilities. He has successfully managed and implemented numerous EU projects in KA1 and KA2 in the School, Adult and VET Sectors. His current interests lie within the field of robotics, internet of things devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Echo Dot) and blockchain decentralized applications. Nicholas is a technology enthusiast and believes in a world where technology, robotics and science-based education can bring humanity to a better tomorrow. Apart from teaching, Nicholas is currently involved in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects while taking a leading role in the quality assurance of products and materials being developed within the organisation.

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