Be the Green Change: How to adopt a greener, eco-friendlier, and more sustainable lifestyle!

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Course Description

This course is designed to help anyone and any organisation to adopt a greener and eco-friendlier lifestyle, as well as motivate their coworkers, family, and students to do so. This course aims to explore the current lifestyle individually and give the opportunity to find alternatives and eco-swaps to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable living is crucial for both personal growth and sustainable development. Moving to a sustainable lifestyle includes caring for the environment and your neighbors. Just some small changes in the behavior patterns can lead to healthy living, reducing also the individual carbon footprint. How can we reduce energy, water and paper consumption?

Unfortunately, resources are running out, so the time is! It’s time for everyone to make small changes that will lead to a big difference. There are many simple things and everyday actions that people are not aware of how harmful to the environment can be. From the life cycle of a detergent, we use to the significant effects on water quality.

Topics Include

• Greenwashing
• Composting
• Reducing consumption
• Making personal care products like dish soap bars
• Tips to reduce water waste at home or organisation
• Becoming zero wasters!
• Microplastics

Aims in relation to the development of your organisation

• Participants will be informed about more sustainable ways of living.
• Participants will learn ways to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle.
• Participants will be able to apply the knowledge to their organisation with the aim to reduce energy, water, and paper usage.