Digital Empowerment in Education: Navigating Online Tools Safely & Innovatively

Andrea Petrou
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Up to €820 (Fully Funded)

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€320 (Fully Funded)

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Up to €160 per day (Fully Funded)

Course Description

Embracing the evolving digital landscape is vital for educators, but doing so securely is non-negotiable. This intensive 4-day course combines essential aspects of the latest education technologies with a strong focus on online safety and responsible internet use. Participants will gain hands-on experience with digital tools designed to enhance teaching and collaboration and address the significant challenges of internet addiction and the digital divide.

This course aims to empower educators to harness the potential of digital tools, design engaging online content, understand the complexities of online security, and critically address the threats and opportunities that come with an online presence.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Digital Tools in Education
  • Efficient Classroom Management through Technology
  • Understanding Internet Addiction & Strategies to Address it
  • The Digital Divide: Nature, Threats, and Overcoming Barriers
  • Inclusive, Safe, & Engaging Online Communication
  • Digital Collaboration & Creative Learning Tools
  • Evaluating Digital Technologies for Disadvantaged Learners
  • Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & Critical Digital Literacy
  • Hands-on Workshop: Crafting a Digital Education Session

Aims in relation to the development of your organisation

  • Equip educators with skills to utilise digital tools for enhanced teaching methods.
  • Foster a secure digital environment for students, ensuring protection from potential online threats.
  • Address and manage cases of internet addiction amongst students.
  • Enable staff to critically evaluate digital tools for inclusivity, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Empower educators to practically design and execute digital learning sessions.